Let your unique potential and full power make an impact. Here and now. I support you strategically, entrepreneurially, personally, spiritually and make connections to like-minded people, providing help exactly where you need it for your next steps.

Your vision and power create an impact – for yourself, your enterprise and for the planet.

You will succeed when you are strong in all relevant areas: both your inner and outer self, as an individual and in your interaction with clients as well as partners. You combine high professionalism with a deep connection to your purpose.

My Service for consultants, pioneers, projects and organisations

for people who are ready to create the world they want to live in

Marketing within change

For consultants and pioneers, projects and organisations.
Let your vision, purpose and potential unfold their power: in strategy communication and marketing, as an individual and in connecting with others. In personal, economic and social responsibility.

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Individual Support

Sparring, support, talking straight. Making it possible you to be fully seen and heard. Empowering you to move forward with clarity and strength. You receive support, step into your power and get exactly what you need for your next steps.

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Body Intelligence & Healing

Let go, deeply relax, refresh. Connect to your self and your inner wisdom. Allow room for healing. Being emotionally, mentally, energetically and physically balanced, nourished, held – that is what we need when we want to leave a strong, fulfilling and lasting impact on the world. Wataflow sessions and Lomi Lomi Massage offer the space.

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Retreats & Groups

For consciousness pioneers and for change makers, for those who act as disrupters within the enterprise and create space for transformation onto the next level: Retreats offering timeout, inspiration and connection with like-minded change makers. Surrender, let go and be held.

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The Global Campus for Change Makers

The online/offline Campus with virtual as well as physical Conscious Power Stations is currently forming: nucleus for development, enjoyment and recovery, fulfilling and powerful connectivity and successful projects within conscious change.

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The Transformation of society has started

More and more people leave their comfort zone and consciously face the strong head winds and the sometimes lonely pioneer’s stand.
I want to encourage and support these people to continue their path.


The spirit of walking the path of change: The Trailer of the Film “The still Revolution“ gets to the point and lets us dive in to what we need on the path into a new culture of consciousness in organisations and society.

Magnificent. Touching. Strengthening.

And soon hopefully here in English version as well.