Culture 5.0 – A new World

Culture 5.0 – A new World

We are in the midst of a consciousness shift. It is a time in which core qualities like truthfulness and connectivity need to be the centre of cultures and organisations.
The new, powerful concepts are unifying.
They connect entrepreneurship and self-fulfilment, economic and socio-ecological responsibility, the earthly and the spiritual, consumption and awareness, work and joy.

A new Zeitgeist: Knowing Hearts Take Lead

Many pioneers embrace this natural state of being, loving and interaction and make it come true on this planet. How do they remember?
They deeply sense within themselves that this how it should be. They feel the truth in it. They know. And they follow their calling to take part in re-creating the world it should be. I call it harmonic order. And we are in the midst of restoring it. What leads us is our knowing heart.

Glimpse into the new world

“We experience and live our unique potential. We are connected by our hearts. Technology, science, people, planet and all life comes together as a harmonic whole. Everyone gives as much as she/he wishes and takes what she/he needs. There is abundance and joy. Knowing hearts take the lead.”

My task is to empower people who share this vision and connect them: their experiences, knowledge, talents, hearts and courage. With integrity, clarity, independence and at the same time in a strong, healthy unity, we take care of ourselves as well as others and the planet. In service of one’s purpose and in the spirit of the whole.

Creating Culture 5.0 – It all starts within us

A strong, aligned and present self is the basis for a culture of love, respect and worship of humans and the planet: honest, self-responsible, transparent. We nourish and support each other on all levels while being in a state of awareness and happiness, individual freedom and co-commitment. This enables solid continuous change and development, evolution and co-creation and higher solutions for our current individual and planetary challenges.
Many people share this vision. United we make it a reality.
We have all the resources, infrastructure and manpower we need. The most important steps for now are to raise consciousness, empower individuals and join our forces of collective intelligence and intelligent actions.
What we need as consciousness pioneers and experts in helping others during the transition:

Integrity and a strong stand
We need to create our own change to enhance organisations, teams or individuals. If we do not commit to transparency, honesty and awareness of our own limitations we will not be able to encourage others to do so. If we deeply live the change we want to see in others, in organisations and in the world our mere presence will have transformational impact.

Commitment to our higher purpose and development
We are living in rapid constant economic, global and personal change. How can we give each other the assurance that we will stay in a common project for more than 2-3 months? To me it is knowing and seeing where others stand personally and in business, with her purpose as well her individual development. That lets me see (a) how well we fit together and (b) assess the potential to stay on one track for a certain time. Again, transparency, honesty and commitment are the base and the openness to development. It is important to recognise unconscious and unfavourable traits.

Courage and Encouragement
“You need only one person to really see you, believe in you and encourage you – whilst on your path and following your vision.” These words of a wise colleague of mine many years ago felt so true. Today I for myself would like to increase the number to two or three. The path needs courage, with its bumps, fears and setbacks. So we need people to support us, to strengthen us, to act as our backup. Not many – but the right ones, those who are open to change and to the New Way.

Healthy communities to live the New Way, be supported and nourished
Over decades I have seen consultants and coaches wanting to work together, starting projects, going through enthusiastic phases … and in the end breaking apart. Only in one out of ten cases did it work out. These numbers made me sad, as did my own expensive losses on the way. Thus, a high level of awareness is important on all levels: personality, needs and behaviours, personal purpose, goals and vision, common purpose, goals and vision, professionalism and “speaking the same language” to ensure we truly understand each other. This is important to gain power, to unite and to change. NOW

Now is the time to go and unite forces to create the New Way
We must work to bring together all the pieces of the puzzle, the hearts and minds that have been practicing, creating and evolving towards new, integrated solutions over the last decades and even centuries. And let the harmonic order and collective intelligence create the new world. A world we really want to live in. A world in which love rules. A world we know is possible.