The Jump: Can one afford to be a pioneer?

The Jump: Can one afford to be a pioneer?

Nadine Hamburger

The Jump: Can one afford to be a pioneer?

Nadine Hamburger

The Jump: Can one afford to be a pioneer?

Today I received a reply from a colleague who had just heard that I live on Ibiza: “Well. If one can afford it…” – he did not mean the extraordinarily high rental prices – which he would be right to question …

Can anyone afford in our society to follow one’s calling? Could I really afford it two years ago when I moved here?


Stepping into the Unknown

It is the wrong question to ask. The right question would be: Is one courageous, disciplined and present enough – to take the risk and follow one’s soul path?

It takes a lot. To admit what is really good for you – with the consequence that one`s heart will drive you to go for it – is the way more difficult path. Even if it will most times be the more rewarding one in the end. And if you ‘fail’ – you still have the satisfaction of having tried. You went for it.

Move away from the old mind set of “being able to afford it” –be prepared to face the unknown and take the risk of entering new territory . As pioneers we take the first step: We move out of the system, out of the norm, rising above control and fears. Thus we actually incorporate the idea of finding new solutions on a higher level.

The Soul Followers’ Challenges

My colleague’s words touched me deeply. They made me look at how much more challenging it is to walk new paths than to follow conformity with society, colleagues and current systems. They made me realise the extra challenges that we face.

1. Confronting others with what they could do but don't do

By following your soul you will leave people behind, activate their jealousy, lack of understanding and criticism. But you will also attract new companions, partners, clients who love what you do and are inspired by it. After 10 years as a lone wolf, what I see evolving is a new culture of people who create a soulful world they really want to live in. Our new tribe is here and it is time to connect and support each other. 

2. Making lonely decisions - and being the only one responsible for the consequences

This is obvious but going through it step by step takes a lot of courage. Struggles are harder but we need to have inner clarity and strength. Others can assist or advise you but you are the only one who will know what is ‘right’ for you in the end. Only when the heart, soul and a conscious mind are blended well and your path is in alignment with your soul will it give you full power and the right wind to sail to your beloved island. If something is off track, you will be responsible for fixing it. There is no way around that.

3. Courage to let go of control and move through fears

While stepping into – or creating – the unknown, we enter the stage of constant change. That means we have to calibrate our past experience and perceptions continuously. We look at things afresh every minute. Information or decisions from yesterday may be obsolete today. Infrastructure, belongings, books, past beliefs and even our inner compass are to be let go to give way to a new order. It is about really letting go of what is not relevant in the new world we want to live in. At the same time we must be conscious not to overwhelm the capacities of our own mind or daily life. 

4. Dreams, that this path will make things easier, burst - but real liveliness and satisfaction step in

Does this path make things easier? No. But in the end it makes you strong. It gives you integrity and makes you whole. You know what you want, what you stand for, that you can do it. You are not afraid of losing things. You are very aware of what really matters in the moment. You are used to and open to constant change and all the gifts you may receive on the way. 

5. Falling down, getting up, facing fears or pain - and moving on

So-called failures or dead-end streets are part of the game. I like to call this path “Real Life Training Camp.” The trick is to improve one’s skills to handle the setbacks. During sports training e.g. in climbing we practice falling down and getting back on track. Do we get bruises or strain our muscles? Yes. We also take our time to rest, to heal, to incorporate our new experiences. It all is part of the game. I often ask older pioneers – especially when I am exhausted and wish for more quiet times – if the “learning” and bruises stop at some point in life. The answer I usually get is “No, they don’t stop. But with time we take it easier, move through rough phases more lightly.”

When I know and feel what I stand for and am trained to take a helicopter view while being in the midst of the next challenge, I can stay more centred within a storm: seeing my learning, recovery and the new direction or simply surrender to not knowing. Let go of control and connect to your inner knowledge and attentive trust. I know the weather will be tough at times. Cope and stabilise. Stabilise to cope. Relax and enjoy the wild ride.

It is not everyone’s path. Being a pioneer in one’s life is challenging and has to be responsibly chosen. Luckily, there are many possibilities and gradients of risk and challenge to step into a more rewarding and fulfilling live. Or a life where one’s eyes shine and one’s power is grounded and changes the world into something better.