Consciousness and inner compass – Seeing from within

Consciousness and inner compass – Seeing from within

Nadine Hamburger

Consciousness and inner compass – Seeing from within

Nadine Hamburger

Consciousness and inner compass – Seeing from within

The world, systems, people and organisations are changing more rapidly than ever before. What was true or applicable yesterday may not be applicable anymore. Old systems and frameworks for decision making are obsolete. New solutions on higher levels need to be found. How do we navigate our way around these uncharted waters How do we calibrate and make decisions?


Map and compass: Navigation in the new era

The two most important things are to be highly aware of the current situation with its dynamics and to have a clear inner guidance. Going through new terrain these are your maps and your inner compass.
Subsequently, your coordinates to locate yourself on the map come in: knowing what you stand for, where you are and where you want to go. Later, when planning your strategic path and tactics, of course you will have a look at what is in your backpack, whom to team up with etc. Here I will stick with the conscious map and inner navigator.

Your maps: Seeing the whole situation and its dynamics

The better your know the terrain on which you take your journey the more successful and sustainable will the decisions be that you make. For example, in Asia people were introduced to plastic trays and bags but not to the information that they do not dissolve like banana tree leaves they previously wrapped their food with. A huge plastic waste problem for the land and the ocean started.

Know what you don’t know

Stepping into the New Way as pioneers we might create similar mistakes when we only take our own current knowledge into account or decisions based on “old” science. The latter is only taking into account what we know today to measure the whole truth. Thus it becomes more and more important to know what we don’t know and try to back it up in other ways.

The general map: Four areas to have in sight

Fields and dependencies.
These four fields, as used by the American philosopher Ken Wilber, can help us to map any situation. In the last decades in western cultures and corporate life, the left, invisible and not measurable side has usually not been seen or taken into consideration enough. Thus the map helps us and others to get the whole picture and give new power and importance to areas that make life juicy and solutions wise and sustainable. Now it is time to catch up on the side of inner wisdom, conscious states and powerful, nourishing cultures.

Free your compass: Be open and free your mind when receiving the new

Our body and heart are more intelligent and way more open than our mind. The more free and clear our minds and hearts are while receiving information or new ideas the better the new solution will be. After getting a feeling for a situation and checking the facts I often check for options using kinesiology (body test), consult free spirits like seers and in more complex situations work with formats similar to family constellations to get a broader picture including my body and higher intelligence. But even in these open formats, our mind or our way of asking can be limiting the solutions or options we receive.
This is only one of the reasons why it is so important for us to clear our belief systems, train to manage our emotional and mental systems as well of course our body. A stressed or tensed body also reduces the ability to “think big”.

Let collective intelligence emerge

The weakest part of the chain determines the level of the outcome. Thus, to let higher collective intelligence evolve we have to create a space for developed individuals where all of them can be in a good, open, relaxed state of mind, body and soul.
Open-minded experts, seers or constellation methods take invisible information into account and with the correct methods collective intelligence of the group will emerge. The core competency no longer lies in knowing or finding the solution, but in knowing what is needed to create a team and a space in which the new far-sighted solution can show itself.
Thus the solution seeker becomes a facilitator of a greater intelligence.