Where are you now? Check-up for Change Makers

Where are you now? Check-up for Change Makers

Change makers are all-rounders. They are successful at managing different aspects of their lives, both personal and business. The check-up will reveal the strongest and weakest aspects with the latter are often being the one’s with most potential for succeeding overall. Consider what it is within you that will bring you a more balanced, fulfilling and impactful life.


Stepping further into your power and potential

When you have a dent in the wheel of your bicycle you either hover around, not being able to steer easily or it needs a huge amount of leg power to keep it running at speed. It is the same with the factors we need as solo-entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial leaders or employees and in any case as change makers. The higher the challenge to step into – or create – the New Way the more important it is to keep one’s body and soul in balance and to have a strong stand.


Enjoy the ride: Real Life Training Camp

After many years of practicing and lifelong training – I like to call it real life training camp – I am almost always very aware of my most important development areas. I check my balance consciously about once a month in order to make my corrections and set new focal points for the next 1-3 months and check the alignment to my annual objectives. I do that very fluidly as and when I get the impulse or when my trained senses or body tell me something is out of kilter or balance. I try to start implementing within the next 72 hours any things I have been missing in my daily life.

Now see what you can do and where you are at – and enjoy the effects of your path correction ☺

Your Personal Check-up for Change Makers


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