Marketing within Change

You do what you love and love what you do. Your potential and what you stand for is visible and perceptible or tangible, truthful and transparent. You master your craft and have a fitting and supporting team.

You attract exactly the clients, employees and business partners that are right for you. You are in real, bearing relationships with each other. Your marketing becomes easy.

What gives you and your enterprise lasting power and impact?

You know your standpoint or viewpoint as well as your uniqueness. In personal, economic and socio-ecologic responsibility. You are visible and sensible.

You and your employees are connected to their task, their potential, and the purpose of the organisation.

You know your path, the concrete steps needed and have access to the necessary resources and like-minded people.


You receive exactly what you and your organisation need for the next steps and decisions:

Inner strength, independence and effective force 
to follow your task and your heart

  • Essence, purpose, vision and potential 
for individual and enterprise
  • Freeing and utilising potential, inner power as well as collective intelligence
  • Taking care of my material, emotional, mental needs and setting boundaries with mind and heart
  • Daily freedom of decision making and fulfilment

Presence, strategy and professionalism
 as individual, entrepreneur, leader, organisation

  • Integrity, clear stand and power to shine
  • Market positioning, strategy and implementation to the dot
  • Powerful market presence with your distinctive voice via content, tone, medium, in web, speech, article, workshop, book – according to what suits you best
  • Internal/external corporate communication with what you really want to say – and what catches your audience or target groups

Healthy connectedness – 
strong “I” within a strong “We”

  • Bringing transparency and micro truthfulness together
  • Development rooms and success factors as “We”
  • Eye to eye with clients, supporting surrounding as well as matching partners for the change
  • Communication and corporate culture that grow from within and speak for themselves

Drive and power to go for it – 
with lasting impact

  • Intelligent pragmatic solutions, strategies and steps
  • Potential and competence mix within the team and finding, empowering and keeping the right employees, partners, leaders
  • Motivating, fun and effective organisational structures
  • Thinking ahead: cultural transformation, elevating consciousness and helping society to shift

We usually start with two consulting days which result in a clear road map for the next steps. From this base you decide on the further support you need from the implementation plan: web presence, press and media, speaking and further marketing activities or sparring partnership for any issues or perceived barriers.

I work with a fixed team of free-lance designers, web designers, programmers, photographers, editors etc. I will match who is the best project partner for you – or will give you my opinion and advice concerning your service providers.


Let’s speak. I am looking forward to getting to know you.