The Global Campus for Change Makers

Imagine: Each of us knows what he or she stands for, communicates clearly and with integrity, takes good care of him/herself as well as others. We value our differences and uniqueness and at the same time have a common understanding of how we want to live and be with each other.

We engage swiftly and smoothly without unnecessary friction. Together, freely and pragmatically we take our steps into the future.

What do pioneers of change, their projects and organisations, need to let their power fully impact and spread?

This question moved and inspired me to build the Global Campus. I envisage an online/offline Campus with virtual and physical places emerging. It will strengthen people and projects – and facilitate a nucleus for development, nourishment, connectivity and solutions at higher levels.

High level of consciousness about ourselves, the scale of our impact and our purpose in life.

An environment in which we can already live and develop The New in safety – with like-minded people, who give us clear, constructive feedback while also providing all the support we need

A common understanding and commitment that enables us to achieve transparency and constructive communication as the base for direct and successful common actions, collective intelligence and solutions on a higher level.


The Online Campus – for higher consciousness within change

Global Campus for Changemakers – 
for people who are ready to create the world they want to live in


quality checks, personal and business development programmes and tools, hands-on support and connections to exactly the competencies, conscious professionals, collective intelligence and strength needed to bring the full power of people, products and organisations to the fore – for themselves and for the planet.

THE CORE WEBINARS – for higher Consciousness and navigating change

The Pioneer`s Compass & Check Up – 12 Success Factors & Maps for Conscious Creators 

The big picture, interdependencies and nailing down where you stand: personal power and purpose, entrepreneurial competencies, a strong team or supporting community, funding, being known and visible.


Conscious Business, Marketing and Communication Check-up

The big picture to keep in mind and your accelerating and strengthening factors while solidly starting or building your business or project: vision, purpose, magnetic communication and integrity in marketing, organisation and team alignment.

DEVELOPMENT ONLINE SEMINARS I – to develop the strengths you need

Strong Self: Personal Clarity, Consciousness and Power as Pioneer
Develop uniqueness & power, vision & purpose, understand the situation & goals and recognise how to get there.

Strong Creator: The Entrepreneurial Skills for Pioneers of Change
The 12 key skills to take entrepreneurial responsibility and power – and how to make it a reality

Conscious Team and Community: Awareness in connecting to others
The needs, risks and pitfalls as well as success factors and tools to build your team

Culture 5.0 in Teams and Organisations:
The Cornerstones of a Conscious Culture 
core values, high self responsibility, development and motivation.

DEVELOPMENT ONLINE SEMINARS II – to deepen exactly the aspects you need

• Courage, Navigation and Decision Making within Change

• Self Management: Inner Presence and Calmness

• Personal Power and Balance, Resilience and Coping Strategies

• Conscious Business, Purpose and Potential

• Presence, Conscious Marketing and Communication

• Internal & external Corporate Communication

Are you in?

The Global Campus online services will start at the beginning of 2018. 
To be informed as soon as they start please send me a message at

The first Site and Nucleus for Conscious Projects and Development

Ibiza Zero – The Conscious Power Station Ibiza

The vision: Change makers will come, get inspired, recharge, create a new way of living and creating. Core groups will meet for project sessions. The CPS is a nucleus for consciousness and conscious projects. People will come, create, inhale, energise, evolve and go forward – spreading the light and taste of the new way, fulfilling their true potential and purpose.

A place to live, to generate new power, to relax, to work, to enjoy – to let the new way grow

Good, healthy eco food and housing provided. Self-sufficient. Good working, recreational and relaxation space. Music, wellness, sports, massage, meditation rooms.

A place for souls to meet, be together, enjoy, create and let the power of the new way expand, develop and allow self growth. Dive in and feel the spirit of the new way. Empower and bring forward people, ideas and high impact projects.

The place for conscious power and for living the New Way. The way we really want to live.

Some people will live there permanently; others will come for a few months, weeks, days. They are all attracted by and apply to the ideas and rules of this place.

The place will be a command centre for conscious projects evolving, one of them the Culture 5.0 itself. People coming to this venue will feel what it means. That will give them the compelling taste of the New Way.

Conscious Power Station

Why we need it …

Change is needed. Many people have a common vision of the new world they want to live in. Initiating this change is pure transformation. It is not just about renewing things but a whole transition of how we live now. It cannot be explained, only experienced.

Likewise it will be an organic change, using collective intelligence. Thus transformation helpers are facilitators preparing this room for change. They do not know exactly what will happen. But with their presence they incorporate the new way of living, being, acting and consciously creating a space in which potential evolves. The new way is born.

Representing the New Way is the change maker’s most important and most powerful tool.

If pioneers incorporate joy, respect, gratefulness, awareness, conscious living, strong selves within strong communities – these qualities will spread around them. They will use their intelligence, experience, profession and potential to support this change.

In the end, everybody will find her/his fit and place according to one’s passion, talents and gifts and we will easily solve the problems we encounter in the world. The most important shift now is he shift of consciousness.

Here we will live and develop what we believe and take out into the world – for ourselves and for the planet.

If you are inspired by the project and would like to take part, please contact me. We can only do it together. The next project stage: Finishing the business canvas and business cases to find the right match with finance providers.

Let’s do it. Together. Now.


Downloads and Reading samples


Alle Faktoren im Blick? (Buchauszug aus »Glücklich als Trainer«, PDF)

Der Jahresrückblick (Dateivorlage, Word)

Ihre Periodenziele für die nächsten 3 bis 5 Jahre (Dateivorlage, Word)

Ihre Ziele für das kommende Jahr (Dateivorlage, Word)

Ihre jährliche Budgetplanung (Checkliste, PDF)

Controlling für Berater – einfach, schnell, sicher (Dateivorlage, Excel)

Ernährungscheck (Druckvorlage, PDF)

Alle Faktoren im Blick? (Druckvorlage, PDF)

Ziel- und Maßnahmenplanung für die nächsten drei Monate (Dateivorlage, Excel)

Wochen- und Tagesplanung mit Flow (Dateivorlage, Excel)

Ziel- und Maßnahmenplanung für die nächsten zwölf Monate (Dateivorlage, Excel)