Customer Testimonials

What makes working with Nadine so precious to me: She is not only an excellent marketing professional, she also has an extremely fine sense of the unique qualities of her clients. And she knows how to put these qualities into scene – without ego-shooting and poshness. Nadine supports heartfully, with clarity and challenging. Co-creation at its best.

Dr. Michael Schwalbach | Founder and Managing Director | LIFE Advisory GmbH

Who works with new consciousness, who goes for transformation into the New and ‚not-yet-knowing‘, often miss a real counterpart to talk to. Which other consultant would understand you, would master the required subtle levels and the integration of their perspectives? Nadine Hamburger does it. And it comes fully from her heart.

Mathias Weiderecht | Founder and Managing Director | Visual Facilitators GmbH

Nadine translates what is within us into a hands-on business offer … for yourself and for the world. She works highly professionally. She is quick, deep, goal-oriented and achieves profound change.

Dr. Till Noethel | SoulPilot | Training, Coaching, Transformation

I appreciated your thoughtfulness, presence, intuition and creativity. You connect all this with a high degree of professionalism and a very strong sense for strengths and market opportunities of your clients.

Ralf Barsch | Advanced Audit Solutions

I experienced Nadine Hamburger in a Workshop and many conversations. She has a clear sight on potential, personalities – for what matters most. She is full of empathy and keeps professional distance at all times. Specialty: her ability to bring things down to earth.

Wolfgang Zimmermann | Sparringpartner for Entrepreneurs and Strong Leaders

“This is not a book that helps to expand your visual vocabulary. It is not about single pictures, or nice illustrations – it is about how visualisation enables to see the big picture and jointly create the future.” (Book review of Sandra Dirks)

Reading these lines of the review I clearly see shining through the impact you had on the book project …

Mathias Weitbrecht | Author & Director Visual Facilitators

With these texts you really created a ‘master piece’. Wonderful!

Lukas Szybowski | Motivation Health Performance for People and Organisation

She has a special ability to integrate the factual-economic side with humane affairs of the heart.

Dr. Andreas Gutjahr | Transformation Trainer, Coach & Facilitator | former Founder of SHIFTconsulting

She works with creative partners (agencies, Photographer), who are in a very special – for me very appealing – way high professionals.

Roswitha Brauer-Scherf | Management Consulting | Effectiveness begins in the Heart

The creation and Publication of a series of professional articles – occurred thanks to her excellent support.

Dr. Ingo Bors | ibostar consulting

The Institute RHETORICA has been established for 27 years. From time to time it needs a fresh view from the outside on it. As director-team we had changed a lot after taking over the company and wanted to focus and sharpen our view of the future. Your “view from outside was for us a very good decision!

Uta Steinweg und Verena Arnhold | Rhetorica Institute for Communication and Personality

In our work together I feel surrounded by a field of protection and unconditional love, in which I can speak freely – and I get the feeling that I can really write. She brings things together so that they really impact the outside world, media and clients. Also in private life she is always a good advisor and very down to earth.

Lothar Geisler | Solution Scout

Straightness combined with a lot of intuition and empathy: I could always rely on her 100 per cent. She is clear in the matter and sensitive to the people. It was an interplay of leading and being lead. She challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. With success.

Susanne Vathke | Purpose – Values – Actions

My business idea won clarity and penetrating power with Nadine Hamburger.

Willy Metzeler | Speaking | Redepraxis

All of a sudden the next steps are light and easy, the fog had lifted, barriers were moved aside.

Ulrike Knienieder | Coach for Daughters and Sons in Family Businesses

Only after the whole picture was perfectly clear and coherent, was she satisfied. Nothing was left to chance simply professional.

Udo Zapf | Investment goods – from Offer to Readiness for Marketing

Thank you for this sublime Thursday! Everything around that day and our results is resonating with me, things are settling and moving forward with pace. Every day I have adapted more to my new way of working through “day coaching” now it fits me like a glove.

Karen Hartig | Hartig coacht

To work with Nadine is always a pleasure. She owns the special gift to get content professionally and quickly down to the point. She is a precise thinker and captures the big picture very intuitively.

Burga Neckermann | Female-Male Empowerment in Leadership

After the coaching I was very clear, I knew what was really important, I was determined to implement what we had developed and I felt free of obstacles – because I knew how to handle my challenge. I learned a lot about myself, took a stronger stand within the self reflection and often think back to the coaching.

Leadership Coaching | Leader traffic company | Frankfurt a. M.